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Dell Children’s Celebrates Panda Cares Day!

We loved celebrating Panda Cares Day with our amazing Panda Partners! This year, we hosted some of the wonderful Panda team members for a lunch presentation on all they make possible, as well as a tour of the Panda Cares Center of Hope.

Panda Express has been fundraising for Dell children’s since 2007, and associates and guests have raised more than $1.2 million for Dell Children’s in that time. Most recently, Dell Children’s Medical Center used the funds raised by Panda Express to open the Panda Cares Center of Hope, Inpatient Rehab, working to help children and adolescents who have experienced a change or loss of function become as independent as possible within the scope of their diagnosis. This addition of Dell Children’s Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, helps  to diagnose, treat, and manage the care for children and adolescents who are experiencing functional limitations as a result of injury, illness or medical condition. 

We are so grateful for Panda Express and for all the miracles they make for the kids at Dell Children’s!